Group platform Typ SBB-GB 01
No. 7216006
Unit space areaØ 1.00 m
Safety space areaØ 4.00 m
Height of unit0.40 m
Age range3+ years
Number of users3
Max. free drop height0.40 m
Total weight117.2 kg
Assembly time0.25 hours
Installers3 persons
Foundations 1.00 x 1.00 x 0.80 m
Total quantity of concreteClassic: 0.80 m³

Connection options: 1 - 12

The platforms are made out of steel and protected against corrosion by a hot dip galvanizing . The subsequent color powder coating provides the appropriate finish.
The flanges have a diameter of 108 mm and are set in concrete. The platform plates have a diameter of 480 mm and are bolted to the flanges, so that they can be removed for repair needs. 
The surface of the platform is coated with rubber granulate and offers a secure hold.

We offer a wide variety of combinations and individual solutions to suit the available space. You can choose from
slackline ropeway versions Original, Duplex and Cross and from a range of various platforms.
With your inspiration and our expert knowledge we can create exciting customized ropeway courses.
Ideal is the combination of several balancing bounds of the series Classic and Flux so that the construction is interesting for a wide range of age groups.

Please note when planning:
Please bear in mind that the minimum degree between two balancing bounds that are connected to one platform has to be at least 30°!


Selectable standard colors for steel parts:
colors for steel parts
Information: A large number of further colors of the RAL-system or other color systems are possible.

Selectable standard granulate colors for platforms:
colors for ganulate
Information: A large number of further colors are possible.